Boutique Teeth Whitening | Safe & Effective Tooth Whitening (2024)

It's no secret that people across the UK are unhappy with their teeth. Yellow stains and dull colouring is something that can affect us all.

Fortunately, with modern advancements in cosmetic dentistry, it's never been easier to get whiter teeth & a brighter smile!

Kick back against the old stereotype of Brits having bad teeth and use our boutique whitening service to create a beautiful new smile in less than a week. Boutique teeth whitening kits aresafe, pain-free and have minimal hassle involved. If you are searching for an affordable and effective way to whiten your smile, Boutique Teeth Whitening is the perfect solution for you!

Contact Dee Dental’s teeth whitening dentist today and take the first step towards a brighter, more attractive smile.

What is Boutique teeth whitening?

Boutique teeth whitening is a convenient solution to teeth whitening that gives back control to the patient.

Although the boutique whitening kit needs to be supplied by a professional dentist, the process involves no painful procedures, no timely trips to the dentist, and basically no effort!

The first step on your teeth whitening journey is to visit our practice so our whitening dentist can take an initial scan of your teeth. We will then use that scan to create your custom whitening trays, which can be applied from the comfort of your ownhome.

You will receive complete instructions from our accommodating dentists including whitening gels and we will always be available to talk through any questions or queries that you may have throughout your treatment journey

Upon starting your whitening treatment, you can expect tosee results in less than a week!

Not sure if whitening treatment is for you? Why not check out our smile gallery to see some of the fantastic results our past patients have gained from our professional teeth whitening services!

Simple steps for whitening your teeth

After deciding on the treatment option that suits you best, you'll be provided with everything you need to get the whitening process started from home.

Your at-home whitening kit will include:

  • An advanced teeth whitening gel
  • User-friendly syringes
  • Customteeth whitening trays.

After filling the syringes with the whitening gel, you can start to carefully apply a small amount of gel onto each tooth of your custom whitening trays.

Once this step is complete, insert the trays into your mouth, making sure they fit firmly and securely.

You may notice some gel seep over the outer edges of the tray. If this happens, simply use tissue paper or a toothbrush to remove the gel before rinsing your mouth out with water.Do not swallow.

Upon removing your whitening trays after the allotted amount of time, rinse them in cold water and give your teeth a gentle brush. Repeat this process each time after wearing.

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How does boutique teeth whitening work?

As you wear your custom whitening trays, the gel, which is made with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, will start to go to work. The peroxide in the gel releases oxygen into the enamel of the teeth, which results in the gradual removal of any staining that may be present.

Over a short period of just 5-7 days, you will start to notice your teeth whitening and turning brighter. Stubborn stains from liquids such as coffee, tea or red wine will be removed, and your teeth will quickly look cleaner, brighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

This is a very similar process to any other professional tooth whitening service. The only difference is that this treatment can be applied at home and requires no pesky after procedures or repeat dental appointments.

If you still have questions about how boutique whitening works, do not hesitate to give our practice a call today on 0141 737 5488.

Boutique whitening treatment options

With multiple treatment plans available for our boutique teeth whitening service, it can be hard to decide on the right one for you.

Rest assured that our expert dentists will talk you through all possible plans and help you choose the best treatment plan to suit your needs.

Let's take a quick look at what each Boutique by Day and Boutique by Night involves:

Boutique by Day

The boutique by day treatment comes with a 6% peroxyl gel containing potassium nitrate. This daytime gel can be used at a time of your convenience, either in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. With most daytime gels, you will need to keep your custom trays in for at least 3 hours, depending on the exact gel type you are given.

The aim is to provide a quick, convenient and effective treatment for whitening teeth that suits your schedule and eating habits.

Boutique at Night

Boutique at night treatment usually offers a slightly different set of teeth whitening agents, but it works in much the same way.

Night gels contain carbamide peroxide & potassium nitrate, which is a highly effective way of removing stubborn staining from your teeth.

Night gels often require you to wear your custom trays overnight, although some will only require a 4-hour time frame, meaning you could wear them in the evening before sleeping. The choice is yours.

Whichever option you choose, either day or night, the results are much the same, with both boutique whitening treatments transforming your stained or discoloured teeth into a bright white smile that will last for years to come.

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Why choose professional boutique teeth whitening over an at-home kit?

Although at-home whitening kits ordered via online retailers may seem like an attractive option, you may be left unsatisfied and unclear on applying your whitening treatment correctly.

Going with a trusted dental clinic, such asDee Dental Paisley, for your boutique whitening means you have access to professional advice and top-quality support throughout the whole process.

Furthermore, you can have peace of mind that youwill be provided with trusted products that can guarantee fantastic results.

The main benefits of opting to go with Dee Dental for your boutique whitening treatment are;

  • Pre-consultation and helpful guidance
  • A personalised plan to suit your needs
  • Custom trays moulded to fit your mouth
  • High-quality products, including a safe and effective whitening gel
  • Aftercare & support throughout

Choosing an experienced dental professional to help you with your teeth whitening is a smart move that will be rewarded with better results and, ultimately, whiter teeth and a more attractive smile.

Get in touch with us today to get your whitening journey moving in the right direction.

Amazing, friendly, professional dental surgery. Dee and the team are very client orientated and always add those little extra touches that you don't get anywhere else, i.e calling ahead of my appointmet to ask if I would like tea, coffee or water when i arrive.....It is such a tiny wee thing however i love these friendly calls, usually from Katie, it always brightens my day and adds a personal touch whilst reminding me I have an upcoming appointment! I have always had a terrible fear of the dentists which seems to have almost disappeared since attending Dee Dental for Invisalign, my invisalign journey is almost over after approx 60 weeks, my treatment was surprisingly painless, after reading horror stories online from other dental practices, my experince has been fabulous, i hardly noticed i had braces and now my teeth are looking amazing! Having spent my whole life using NHS dentists , my experience with Dee Dental has been completely fabulous and second to none, once my Invisalign treatment is complete I will continue to visit Dee for all future dental needs by signing up to the very reasonable monthly dental plan. You can't put a price on highly trained professionals, friendliness, first class service, patience with an apprehensive client, state of the art equipment, trust and those little extra touches that brighten my day....Thanks guys you're the best!

Dee and the whole team are amazing, everyone is lovely and really attentive and very professional… when I first walked in I was really nervous, but in mins all my nerves were laid to rest, I’m so glad I came here to Dee Dental to start that journey.

Dr Dee and the team made the whole process of getting Invisalign straightforward and put me at ease throughout the process. Can't recommend them highly enough!

Thank you to Dee and all the staff had an excellent experience at this practice for the first time. Cant recommend this practice enough. Will definitely be back. Thanks Dee

Brilliant dental service with very accommodating staff as I have a slight fear of the dentist. Were quick to book me in and sorted out my dental issues with no problems.

Best dentist! I wanted to get invisalign for quite a while and Dee dental were amazing in giving all the information and were fantastic throughout the whole process, they accomodated me greatly by being flexible while I was working away for long periods and provided a great service the whole time. The staff are always welcoming and friendly. I would highly recommend Dee Dentist Paisley.

Great dentist and I’m a big scardy cat.. make you feel at ease and always ask if I’m ok throughout the treatment.. highly recommend

Like many, I regard visiting the Dentist to be an experience I could do without.
But it is, of course, a necessary evil.
I was fortunate enough to have the same Dentist from when I was 18 right up until his retiral.His name was Mr Harris and he was always able to put me at my ease.
His replacement was, it`s fair to say, not so good.
So I signed up with my closest Dental Surgery, where I was fortunate enough to have been treated by two wonderful Dentists, the second of which was Dinah Judy Naasan.
When she left to set up her own practice as Dee Dental, things were just not the same at the practice she had left behind, and after a while, it seems they forgot me entirely.
Therefore, despite her practice being a fair bit further away, I re-registered with Dinah.
And, it`s fair to say, it`s been a great decision and worth the extra mileage.
She is a fantastic Dentist and always puts me at ease and has done the work her previous practice neglected to do.
Her Dee Dental staff all seem like lovely people too and I find I can enjoy my visits there as much as it is possible to `enjoy` such an ordeal.
So, my verdict is a solid 10/10.
I f Dinah reads this, I`m hoping for at least 25% off my next visit!!
: )

Really lovely dental practice. Did everything possible to fit me in for an emergency appointment today. Receptionist Lindsey and Dr Naasan are excellent. Glad I’ve found a dentist that I actually don’t mind visiting!

I had wanted fillers in my nose for a long time to fix the bump I had- (non surgical nose job)- and I am so happy I had Dinah do it and I love the results! She is professional and easy to chat to which made me feel at ease. There was no bruising after the treatment and the results were instant. You can tell she has been doing injectables for a long time as it wasn't uncomfortable when she was doing the fillers- will 100% be coming back to Dinah to get this done again in the future!!

I have been going to Dinah now for almost two years for both anti-wrinkle injections and Fillers . The results have been amazing and she has helped me achieve the natural results I was looking for , with the procedures being quick and pretty painless. I would highly recommend her services and her aftercare is first class also.

I can’t say enough good things about Dinah and would recommend her to anyone!

I wanted to straighten my two upper front teeth especially and, after consulting with Dr Dinah Naasan, I decided to go with a see through retainer clear align. I had my appointments every two weeks, no delays, everything went according to plan. I am very happy with the results and with the treatment overall. You can see the difference straight away and that’s what I wanted. I would definitely recommend this option for anyone who doesn’t want their retainer to be visible and want fast and effective results.

Excellent service, Dee puts you at ease and let's you know exactly what each procedure she is going to do in the most polite and knowledgeable manner. I would highly recommend.

Would highly recommend this dentist to anyone Dinah is fantastic explains everything to you so you understand what is happening

The staff are all fantastic and Dinah is a miracle worker I won't b changing my dentist ever

I heartily recommend the best dentist. I was very afraid of the dentist, each of my attempts was painful during the treatment. At the dee dental clinic she had root canal treatment today, I didn't feel any pain and the dentist was very friendly. Thank you very much

Dinah was able to explain everything clearly and put me at ease. Really approachable and provided excellent care. Would really recommend this great team and practice!!

Best dee dental Paisley and and I hate going but so nice & friendly thanks for everything

highly recommend this dental practice!

Clean, smart and professional. Very happy to have found a dentist which was easy to register with via website. I had a check up appointment made within two days of my registration. She makes you feel at ease and let’s you know exactly what’s happening. Amazing and my teeth look great. Highly recommended !!!

Amazing modern practice that is completely different to our previous dentist. They provide some brilliant services including anti-wrinkle injections and fillers. Would recommend Dinah and her team to anyone!

Dinah is very professional and put me at ease. The practice is clean and modern and being able to book online is a plus

clean, modern and comfortable waiting area. Dinah and staff are very friendly and welcoming also.

I have been seeing Dinah for 3 years and she is always friendly, efficient and gentle! Would recommend her to everyone and the practice looks great.

Lovely clean modern practice, Dinah is friendly, efficient and puts you at ease :). Online booking system is great. Would highly recommend.

Been seeing this dentist for a long time. Very friendly and professional. Top dentist

Quick, Professional, Fantastic

Best dentist by far in paisley staff are down to earth and they do good work and make u feel at home!

best dentist ive ever had, gave me all the correct advice to help save teeth, so friendly and relaxed atmosphere,, its a pleasure to go get my treatment!! highly recommend!!!

Got my lips done by the lovely Dinah, absolutely love them would highly recommend, Dinah makes you feel so at ease. Thanks Love them- be back to freeze the forehead next lol xx

Had tear troughs and nasolabial fillers and was over the moon with results. Dinah took her time to study my face to make sure everything was seamless and natural. Lovely manner- really made me feel relaxed and at ease!

My first anti-wrinkle experience was quick and painless and the results are amazing. All thanks go to Dinah for her brilliant job! I would highly recommend her services.

Love my lip fillers from dinah and the before and aftercare was brilliant will definitely be back again for more

Love getting my anti-wrinkle injections by Dinah..I always feel great after having it done.. Would highly recommend

I noticed circa 1 year ago that my face is asymmetrical and called upon Dinahs expertise. She recommended anti-wrinkle injections and what can I say I’m delighted with the results. The service she offers is first class she’s friendly very approachable and I highly recommend that you look no further than Dinah for advice and any work you wish to have carried out.

This has to be one of the most caring, professional dentists in the local area. I would say just Paisley but Dr Dinah and her team are amazing, if you are looking for your smile to be improved or for NHS work with fillings etc then I love this place and the team are amazing.

Professional, caring practise, looks after the patient as a priority. I needed an emergency appointment for a painful wisdom tooth, making an appointment was quick and easy. I have a fear of dentist but , Dinah & Elaine both understands patient concerns with treatment and they do their utmost to ensure the treatment is as painless as can be. The practise is lovely and I would recommend Dee Dental for treatment. Thank you Dinah and Elaine for looking after me, pain gone and feeling great :).

So happy with the work that got done today - never felt any pain with the jag and taking the tooth out- great job 100% spot on!

felt comfortable and at ease- great service!

Dee Dental Paisley has been the best and most professional and must I say caring dentists there is not just in the town but the local area. When I had problems Dinah the owner called me a Friday night at near 10pm

She has bent over backwards to help. Whatever dentists would do that? Yes none.

Dee Dentists Paisley get Registered and start getting the smile you want.

Can't recommend enough!! Dinah and Elaine are absolutely fantastic, very knowledgeable and professional, and so friendly and approachable at the same time. The practice itself is lovely, modern, and spotless, and you can complete all the forms online which is easy and convenient.

Can't recommend enough!! Dinah and Elaine are absolutely fantastic, very knowledgeable and professional, and so friendly and approachable at the same time. The practice itself is lovely, modern, and spotless, and you can complete all the forms online which is easy and convenient.

Fantastic experience on my first visit to Dee Dental. Dinah carried out a thorough check up, much more in depth than any other dentist I've been to. I'd requested a scale and polish which was carried out, and Dinah was so lovely and reassuring while carrying out the treatment. Surgery was absolutely spotless too. Thanks Dinah and Team

Really great treatment total transformation, 2 implants with minimal intrusion, a complete oral refurbishment, composite bonding and zirconium crowns. Dinah is an absolute professional, highly recommended

Beautiful practice staff great but DINAH is amazing ❤ various dental work done in the past few weeks and I felt totally relaxed and so comfortable, also aesthetics done fabulous results and teeth whitening and what a difference in just two weeks , would highly recommend dee dental best i have been to.

Dinah is Amazing, very professional and full of knowledge I would highly recommend Dee Dental Paisley

Really professional couldn’t ask for a better local dentist!

Had a delightful time at Dee Dental today, the place was stunning, the staff were lovely and the dentist Dinah was amazing - kept me well informed, very knowledgable and super skilled better than any dentist I’ve had so far. Thank you and I’ll definitely come back

She always makes an amazing job and is very friendly

First time at Dee Dental and it was really good. Thorough examination of teeth. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Always fantastic service when visiting Dee Dental Paisley. The improvements made to the surgery have been incredible, both in technology and decor. Always more than happy with the advice, treatment provided and overall experience. Highly recommend.

Relieved to find this Dental Practice. Last week I had a tooth abscess, tooth required extraction. All the staff were exceptionally pleasant, professional and kind. Dinah made the experience completely comfortable for me, put me at ease, very reassuring and has great skill. Thank you very much.

I have been at this practice since a young girl, I am now a lady of a certain age. Having been there when the previous 2 owners retired it is nice to see some young blood taking over the reins. The practice has had a makeover and is bright, clean and welcoming. The staff are all lovely and happy to help whether it is regarding dental work or cosmetic procedures which they now carry out as well.


I've only ever had positive experiences during my appointments at Dee Dental. The staff are so patient and accommodating I'd absolutely recommend this dentist to anyone looking for a new one. I started my Invisalign treatment at this dentist and I have been happy with all of the results so far.

I've only ever had positive experiences during my appointments at Dee Dental. The staff are so patient and accommodating I'd absolutely recommend this dentist to anyone looking for a new one. I started my Invisalign treatment at this dentist and I have been happy with all of the results so far.

I went to Dr. Dinah for a consultation as it had been some time since I have to a dentist. I received 2 fillings and currently under going invisalign treatment. The staff are always very pleasant & welcoming. I am happy with the progress of my teeth so far & can’t wait for the finished result. I would recommend Dee Dental & already have done to several people.

Very pleased with service. When a new dentist takes over a dental practice there is always trepidation. This trepidation was very short lived as all the staff at the practice are professional and friendly, providing a quality and reassuring service. Also the practice is set up with the appropriate systems in place to provide a safe environment during this unsettling pandemic period. I have no hesitation in continuing to use Dee Dental for my dental health care and would recommend it.

Another fantastic day at the dentist with Dr Naasan.
This is not your normal practice, it is full of love and support and is a beautiful place to be.

Thank you!!!! ❤

A fantastic service from Dinah and her team, I recently broke my crown and was concerned that due to the damage I had done, i may have required an implant, on discussion with Dinah, she proposed a plan that would potentially save the tooth and avoid the implant route, The treatment was done over 3 visits and I am delighted with the outcome. This dental practise cares about their patients and will always try to accommodate their needs. I highly recommend Dee Dental and thank them.

The environment directly put you to ease and the staff is exceptional. Dr. Naasan took her time with me and didn't rush, really gentle and explained all she was doing.
I highly recommended!!!

Very friendly, informative and helpful. Never had a better quality of care until now. Really happy with all the work that has been done to improve my smile.

A very good approach to the patient. Nice service, I highly recommend it!

I've always had a lot of anxiety when going to the dentist, Dinah as well as the rest of the team were extraordinary. Finally, I have found a calm and comprehensive dentist with lots of sympathy.
I have already had a few appointment with Dinah. She is professional, calm and take her time with patient.
The place is moderne and pleasant, a warm welcome at reception, advice and professional care of the highest quality. The appointment are taken rapidly.

I highly recommended Dee Dental Paisley Glasgow for your dental care.

Excellent dentist and very accommodating. We moved to Argyll not long after the practice changed hands and thought about moving to another dentist closeby. After having my first dental treatment from Dinah there was absolutely no way that I was moving to another dentist. It was pain free and everyone who works in the practice is very nice and friendly. I have been attending this practice for over 40 years and still intend to do so for many more years to come.

The staff are really kind and I always feel comfortable with the doctor. I had a very bad toothache and they arranged an urgent appointment for me and felt much better after.
Thanks Dee Dental!
The staff are really kind and I always feel comfortable with the doctor. I had a very bad toothache and they arranged an urgent appointment for me and felt much better after.
Thanks Dee Dental!

Highly recommended! Very nice staff, Dr. Dinah is amazing! Thanks so much Dee Dental!

Dinah makes me feel at ease while in the scary dental chair. She talks me through the procedure. Surgery is spotless.

Excellent communication, clear advice and pricing. Lovely staff. Happy to recommend.

Dee Dentist is very friendly and make you feel relaxed would recommend it to anyone who might have a fear on going to the dentist

Lost my front tooth filling during lockdown and went to Dee Dental 15/6/2021. I can honestly say it is the best my tooth has looked over many years of replacing the filling. It is not even noticeable that there is a filling there. Thank you Dinah and staff for giving me my confidence back.

Been through multiple dentists over the years and always had negative experiences, so much that i used to physically shake on the way to appointments. Now I practically skip into the surgery as I have had several fillings etc done here and felt nothing. Also haven't had any problems with the work done which is a first for me.
They're very time efficient at this practice also which has taken some getting used to but I love it. If ur nervous there's no waiting about or laying in the chair for ages while they figure out what they're supposed to be doing! Probably because they basically work 24/7 as someone answers the emergency line at all hours within minutes, so it's like military precision. Never had such good service.
I'm stingey as hell so it was a big deal for me to invest in the invisalign but they're worth every penny! Would not go anywhere else, it would be a waste of money.


I have just finished my Invisalign treatment with Dinah and the team at Dee Dental and I could not recommend then highly enough! Fantastic service from day 1 back in January right up to the end of my brace treatment. Even with such a busy practice every visit was personable, and messages/emails always replied to on the same day. I am over the moon with my results and plan to be back in December for further treatment to my crowns and for some bonding (unable to do these at the moment due to being pregnant). I can't wait to be back at the end of the year to finish off the process. If you are looking for professional work/advice on Invisalign treatments and more Dinah is your gal!

It's wonderful to having my teeth done at home when i got out of hospital and i haven't had any bother at all she is a wonderfull dentist i am a happy

Really great treatment total transformation, 2 implants with minimal intrusion, a complete oral refurbishment, composite bonding and zirconium crowns. Dinah is an absolute professional, highly recommended.


Dee is an absolutely wonderful dentist, patient, kind and so caring as are all her staff. Highly recommend this practice, especially if you are a nervous patient, as I was, honestly, you won't find anyone kinder. I am totally thrilled with my smile and the professional treatment I experienced. Thank you Dee Dental.


Lost my front tooth filling during lockdown and went to Dee Dental today 15/6/2021. I can honestly say it is the best my tooth has looked over many years of replacing the filling. It is not even noticeable that there is a filling there. Thank you Dinah and staff for giving me my confidence back. Back for a check up December 2021. Again the most thorough check up I’ve ever experienced at 75 yrs of age. Friendly, efficient and approachable. I’ll be back.


This was our first time to use a private dentist which was great! All Staff were very nice and helpful!


My experience so far has been a very positive one. The team are always very happy and bubbly. I always had a fear of the dentists but I have zero anxiety going into my appointments at dee dental, I always feel at ease. Before my first appointment I was asked if I would like a tea/coffee on arrival which I thought was a lovely touch. I have recommended dee dental to everyone I know! Thanks dee and the team x

If anyone is nervous about getting fillers don’t be!! Dr Dinah Naasan is professional, caring and takes everything you say into consideration, including your fears and expectations. The entire process was completely painless. For someone who has a low pain threshold I never felt a thing! The results were instantaneous and with no bruising whatsoever. I was so self conscious about my lips before and now I couldn’t imagine my life without fillers. It has given me so much confidence.

Dinah gave me some lip fillers which look great! Very happy with them. Would really recommend Dinah as someone to go with. Made me feel super comfortable about trying this for the first time. Her style is very natural and works with what you have rather than to achieve something unrealistic! I’m very happy and grateful and can’t praise her and the teams work enough!

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Boutique Teeth Whitening | Safe & Effective Tooth Whitening (2024)
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