Lunch in the office: 3 healthy and tasty second courses (2024)

What to eat outside the home and in the office? Good question ...

Those who are out all day for work know that the lunch break is a very important moment : you can relax for a while, enjoying something delicious and satisfying, which is preferably also healthy and light , to not get heavy and get back to business without problems.

The ideal would be to personally prepare lunch to take to the office : in this way you will not be forced to resort to fast food, perhaps even tasty, but sometimes too high in fat, therefore unhealthy ... and often expensive.

The lunch prepared personally is also the right alternative to the company canteen , because it allows you to choose what to eat without having to adapt to a pre-established and repetitive menu.

But how to reconcile all these factors? The watchword is: organization!

Just add an extra portion to the dish prepared for lunch or dinner the day before, so that the next day in the office it only needs to be heated. But if you want and have time, you can also cook an "ad hoc" dish , thus ensuring a meal that responds to personal tastes, with ingredients of certain origin, balanced both in flavor and in the contribution of calories .

The importance of a balanced meal even in the office

The advantage of preparing the dishes yourself to eat away from home is not only cheap, but it is also and above all functional: by choosing what to eat, the different meals can always be organized on the basis of individual dietary needs. You can decide to prepare tasty but healthy and light dishes, using your favorite ingredients and keeping an eye on calories and fats, choosing vegetable dressings and natural flavors.

The transport of food must also be well organized, using containers that ensure that the organoleptic qualities of the food are kept intact and that they guarantee an optimal thermal and hermetic seal.

Today the most functional solution is offered by the electric food warmer, a practical and safe "multitasking" device, ideal for transport and equipped, especially in the kit version, with everything you need to have lunch outside the home.

Three tasty and healthy second courses for lunch outside the home

  • Quinoa burger with ham and avocado drops

Let's start with a "designer" recipe based on one of the most popular vegetables of the moment, quinoa which, being gluten-free, is really suitable for everyone.

Created by chef Simone Rugiati , this simple and tasty preparation involves the addition of cooked ham (which vegans can replace with chunks of tofu) and avocado drops. While the quinoa is cooking, we will peel the avocado and mix the pulp with lemon juice, adding yoghurt (also vegetable), salt, pepper and a tablespoon of EVO oil.

Then, inside a round pasta bowl, brown the quinoa in a pan so that it forms a nice crust on both sides; as soon as it's ready, just cover it with cooked ham petals, completing it with drops of the avocado-based mixture.

The next day, in the office, you can "revive" it for a few seconds in a food warmer and enjoy it accompanied by a fresh salad.

  • Veal slices with herbs and soy sauce

For those who love meat, these delicious veal slices will be a light and tasty second course, thanks to the aromatic herbs and soy sauce, savory but with a minimal calorie intake. You will need to finely chop the shallot together with the herbs: the suggested ones are chives, rosemary, sage and mint.

Add the soy sauce, salt and pepper to this mixture; then, inside a deep dish, the slices will rest in the marinade for about half an hour, then transfer them to the pan, making a quick cooking (two or three minutes per side). All that remains is to enjoy them hot ... even the next day, simply after passing by the food warmer for a few minutes!

  • Baked fish with vegetable julienne

For those who prefer fish, but are afraid of not having time to prepare it, we suggest a very easy but equally tasty recipe: a fillet of your favorite fish, cooked in foil. Just season the fish with a little extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs to taste, julienne-cut vegetables (for example, carrots, turnips and courgettes), a slice of lemon, salt and pepper. It will have to bake in the oven at 180 ° for only 15-20 minutes.

To take it to the office, just remove the fish from the foil and put it in the food warmer , which will keep it at the ideal temperature, ready to be enjoyed later. This exquisite preparation can be accompanied by a side dish of diced pumpkin with red onion, or black cabbage and cherry tomatoes, pan-fried escarole with capers and black olives, or asparagus and peas shaded in white wine.

The practical and intelligent solution for transporting meals and consuming them in the office

The possibility of storing the dishes in thermal containers makes the food warmer the ideal tool for lunch outside the home, because it not only keeps the food inside at the right temperature, but it will suffice connect it to any electrical outlet to bring the food to the desired degree of heat and, after a few minutes, enjoy it as if it were freshly prepared.

One last suggestion? Prefer food warmers equipped with removable trays: they are very practical, easy to clean and very versatile because they are also available in models with separate compartments, to be able to safely transport multiple preparations, even different ones. them.

Lunch in the office: 3 healthy and tasty second courses (2024)
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